Local Heroes

Here is a hat off and cheer to the many wonderful people who have helped to kick off our Sandbach Concert Series. This Series is for our community, takes place in the heart of our community and involves our community. Really cool!

By giving discounts on needed goods and services to donating items for the raffle to giving freely of time volunteering on the night, and more besides, these people can also be called sponsors of the Sandbach Concert Series. 


Thank you also to the people, businesses and organisations that helped us to set up back in 2010 and who have now moved on to other pastures.


You too could be a sponsor of Sandbach Concerts Series so click to Get Involved.


In no particular order (and being added to!):


Demeter Wholefoods and Bramwells Opticians

To both Demeter Wholefoods and Bramwell Opticians for being such pillars of the community and being our Box Office. We are really grateful for your quiet and continuous support. Thank you.  yes

Demeter Wholefoods are at 12 Welles Street, 01270 760445 and have a cornucopia of wholefood supplies. www.demeterwholefoods.co.uk

Bramwells Opticians are at 4 Hightown,01270 763641 and are excellent opticians that can be vouched for by some of us on the committee! 




La Casa Vecchia

La Casa VecchiaTo Hazel and Nick for so generously catering for the main musicians on the night and also for opening earlier at 5pm so that concert goers could make a night of it and book a table. La Casa Vecchia will have their lovely early bird menu as well as family favourites from the regular menu  ~ Thank you smiley www.lacasavecchia.co.uk





RJ Signs

RJ SignsTo Jon, a Sandbach resident, for generously receiving my mad email request for the best prices to make us some vinyl banners and for coming back with an incredibly discounted price and for being so very helpful ~ Thank you smiley www.rjsigns.com





Sandbach Partnership and Sandbach Today

Sandbach PartnershipTo Dot for her lovely help, support, guidance and sign-posting to the CVS! Another local hero that goes over and beyond any job she does in the local community ~ Thank you smileywww.sandbachpartnership.co.uk